Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay for my wedding?

$1,500-2,500.00 is an average range for an 8-10 person wedding party + family flowers + approximately 25 centrepieces in a S-M size.

That said; I do not have a booking minium, so if you have a budget in mind - I'm happy to offer suitable options.


Where do you get your flowers from?

During the high season months of June, July, August, and September, I love supporting our local flower farm. Lily Stone Gardens is a quality, family-run business in Rosenort, Manitoba, with whom I have a strong relationship. 

Anything I cannot get in from LSG, and in all other months of the year, my wholesaler Petalswest, orders awesome product from warmer climates such as;

British Columbia, California, and Ecuador.

Do you take on individual orders, outside of your weddings?

No. Unfortunately given the nature of how I have to order (in bulk) for my wedding work, it's too complicated to ensure smaller amounts of product for everyday orders. In lieu of my services, please consider connecting with my flowers friends who have shops in the city: Oak & Lily, The Floral Fixx, or Academy Florist.


Where do you rent vases from, or do I provide them for the centrepieces?

I have a small selection of options available from my personal FFD collection, including glass cylinders, and gold pedestals. 

However I am more than happy to research a wide range of other styles available within rental companies in the city and source them for you.

Should you wish to rent them yourself, or collect them yourself from stores, or order them from online sites, you welcome to do any of those things and hand them off to me at our final meeting, one month prior to the wedding. 


Will you deliver everything and set up at the venue?

You bet, I can personally deliver the wedding party items to you, and offer my services as well for set up at any venue - including out of town or province.


How much does it cost for delivery and set up?

I base deliveries and set ups on time spent: $50/hour.

For example, if your venue is a 45 minute round trip + a little over 1 hour to set up, I will charge $100.


What if I want to pick everything up myself, and have a friend or family member set up?

If the order is relatively easy to set up, no problem. I can have everything packed up and labelled for transport, should you wish to designate a friend, family member, or coordinator to deliver and set everything up for you. 

Please note that they would pick up from my home studio in Lorette, Mb, either the day of the wedding, or the day prior if suitable (depends on your order).